male privilege is not feeling a twinge of fear when someone walks too close behind (or around) you on the sidewalk at night.

I feel that fear all the time. It’s called being human you misandrist idiot. 

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    Reblogging for Shannon’s (conservativewoman) comment there at the end. As a woman, I wholeheartedly agree with her.
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    That’s why I carry a gun
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    Hey, you spelled “paranoid schizophrenic” wrong
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    Yeah, don’t act like only women feel fear. And don’t act like every woman is whimpering at her doorway because she’s so...
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    I don’t think he is understanding that for a woman it doesn’t matter what area you are in, it can always be scary. I...
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    See, it’s exchanges like this, that make me feel weird and uncomfortable whenever the subject of “privilege” and social...
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    APPLAUSE. Seriously Tumblr, if you don’t see a problem with this…
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    dead—girl: all about male privilege is basically all about being a fucking idiot
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    ^^thank you for pointing out female privilege. In all honestly, though, no one has ever made an advance on me, period....